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WordPress web design

Why we use Wordpress for our web design

We often get asked why we use WordPress to develop our websites so here are our reasons for using WordPress for our web design and development.

First a little bit of how WordPress was born.

WordPress was originally launched in 2003 as a very basic blogging platform, the user interface was simple and so was it’s functionality but it was simple to use and this still rings true today despite it now being the largest content management system on the web.
A year later they allowed users and developers to extend the functionality of WordPress by writing their own plugins and sharing them with rest of the community. As WordPress was opening itself to the community.

It’s Open Source which means it is completely free for commercial or private use.

Simple to use. This is key for when clients want to manage their own content. It really is super simple for anyone without coding knowledge.

In fact, if you know how to use the basic editing tools in a program like Microsoft Word, you’ll find the built-in WordPress editor very easy to learn and use for managing your site.

It’s very well supported and hence has a huge amount of customisation and flexibility. The plugin community is vast and allows a basic blog site to become a multi functional website. Anything is possible!

A few interesting stats for you to give you an idea of the scale of WordPress:

37 million global Google searches for “WordPress” are made per month.

28% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

7 posts are published every second on WordPress sites around the world.

If you already have a website on WordPress and you are looking to have it developed or if you want a totally new website designing and building then visit our contact page and call us today.
By all means come and see us in our office here is Knutsford, Cheshire and we can give you a demo of just how easy WordPress is to use.

What does your website do for you?

Most businesses know that these days, having a website is vital. People expect to find you online and if they can’t, well then all sorts of negative opinions are formed.
Now whilst all this may be true, I think businesses can be too quick to rush into getting a website launched to satisfy what is perceived to be a requirement.
A website is far more than just giving you an online presence, it has to have a purpose and ultimately make a return on your investment.
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Web Design Trends

web design trends

Web design, like any sort of design is subjective, but with every increasing technology the boundaries are being pushed and websites are now often used as vehicles to showcase the level of skill of the designer / developer. I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all but sometimes I feel web design needs to be bought back down to its core goal of displaying specific content to a user. Too often is a website so focussed around a clever navigation menu that you spend the first 30 seconds figuring how to move around the site. Previous years saw “flat design” replace the previous glossy, reflective look and this for me is a good thing as it simplifies the experience for the user. Apple seem to have lead the way in this and have recently updated their online experience to make for a beautiful clean experience.

Just because flat design is in, doesn’t mean it should always be used and I like when I see sites that don’t adopt these obvious trends, you could even say they now look retro but give it 5 years and they’ll be back in fashion!

Responsive design is word you will have heard many times and quite right too. The statistics for the most popular devices to search the internet show 80% of people are now searching the internet on their smartphone with 91% on pc/laptop so when will be the year where the smartphone takes the top spot?

We all use our phones now without even thinking about it, I find myself using my phone when my laptop is sat right next to me, why? Because its quicker, easier and convenience is what we want. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly quickly become tiring and research shows that some business are losing business by not adapting this change. People want to find the information they require as quick as possible.

Photo and video backgrounds are a trend that will certainly continue throughout 2015. Using bold photography gives the web design so much impact and video even more. We used this on our One Energy project and it really helps deliver the key message of the business.

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